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The madness and the passion. WOC2019 day 9.

WOC day 9.

The madness and the passion!

When junoon, passion and a sprinkle of madness collide then the human is capable of many feats!

This is how I would describe day 9 of WOC 2019 and particular our esteemed ceo, Daee and Brother Raja Zia Ul Haq.

As it goes, we landed into Islamabad airport around 9 am in the morning. The plan was for Br Haider, Khurram ( YC Islamabad Speakers/ members) to go to Muzaffarabad instead of Br Zia.

Br Zia wasn’t feeling well & had general fatigue and decided to rest until the next major leg begins on Saturday.

I also decided to jump in the car along with Br Wahaj as our media guy. When we set off, I was informed that, btw Br Zia changed his mind and has set off for Muzaffarabad…!

By bike…! 👀

As I over came the shock of Him riding on a mountainous route towards Kashmir not fully fit, I also was inspired by this move. Apparently the love and passion of the organisers at AJK medical college moved Br Zia to take this step! I think it is these very bold moves for the dawah, even though it may seem mad, could be the source of reward for us and great inspiration for many in Pakistan. The Sahabah underwent amazing feats for Islām, so surely we should take a leaf out of their books!

At the AJK Medical college, Br Zia spoke with great energy and verve to a very excitable audience full of medical students and faculty. The topic was entertainment and Islam. Before Br Zia went in detail of what sort of entertainment is productive and what aren’t he rightly began with some existential questions on life including limitations of science and the scientific method & other knowledge to truth eg Testimony. Throughout the workshop, the 100+ audience members applauded and stayed attentive to the points. After discussing the why, Br Zia then spoke about what sort of entertainment is good and what to avoid using multi media visuals and audience participation. Although we began late and finished later, everyone showed Visible signs of appreciation and even the faculty members were moved by this workshop to the point that one of the senior members even requested Br Zia to come and work for them! A testament to Br Zia’s teaching ability Masha’Allah!

After the academic proceedings and dinner the madness went up a notch!

The time was around 2am in the morning and the Bros decided to return back to Islamabad there and then and not in the morning ( like normal people would!)

Us 4 in a car. Br Zia on his beloved motorbike…

In the depths of the night..

Through the forests of the Kashmir mountains..

And the bendy windy roads..

Well, if is these ‘rides for change’ do not move the reader to change their lives from a life of sin to a productive, obedient to our creator, lifestyle.. then I’m not sure what will!

May Allah swt accept our efforts, even the crazy ones! Especially for Bros like Zia, he really is a game changer and always takes it to the next level. We hope other Islamic orgs, teams take inspiration from this and work hard for this Deen.


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  1. Masha’ALLAH may ALLAH(SWT) Accept it from Zia bhai,you and all YC team! And make it beneficial for all others ameen.

  2. SubhanAllah it’s just amazing Ma Sha Allah May Allah bless Zia bhai and accept from all of you…

    It just moved me and gave my spirit back Alhamdulillah

    1. Amazing, Masha Allah.
      That is called great estimation and love from the side of brother zia towards Dawah. May Allah bless

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