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Video recommendations!

Ideally, the best way to seek authentic Islamic knowledge is to seek out a scholar & learn with them. But in this day & age it could deem difficult to find a local scholar especially authentic scholars.
So taking advantage of the digital age we live in, I have made a very brief playlist of essential videos which every Muslim should know. Especially when beginning their journey in Islam. I have also recommended extremely resourceful websites for slightly more advanced studies.
This is by all means not at all an exhaustive list. Far from it. This is a ‘beginners’ guide to the deen and some core concepts that would help in making out imaan solid.

Aside from the selected videos down below, I have also recommended a few YouTube channels that are highly motivating and provide very good imaan boost.

This video covers the design argument, problem of evil, Fitrah, Quranic argument & consciousness to prove that Allah SWT exists in an intellectual manner.
Albeit very briefly.
After watching the above & taking notes. You then have to learn about these 5 different arguments in a bit more detail.
Short video on problem of Evil:

Problem of Evil/ If Good & evil exists. God exists. Long version. Hamza

Consciousness argument to prove Gods Existence:

The Fitrah or innate argument. Belief in God is natural.

Origins of the universe/ Quranic argument for Gods existence.

Answering the contention. Who created God?

Oneness of God ( rational perspective)

The Prophetic truth. Why is RasulAllah (saw) the true last messenger of God. Rationally.

When you meet Christians. Discuss the integrity or lack of .. The Bible.

Linguistic miracle of the Quran. Briefly:
Authorship of the Quran:

For extra Academic studying of the Quran & proving its beauty in the Dawah. Asif Ud Din & Hamza:

Why worship God?

A common question that a lot of Muslims have. Clearing up doubts.

After the above. We need to ‘solidify’ our Aqeedah:

Other amazing YouTube channels with great content:

‘Naseehah sessions’


‘The merciful servant’

‘The daily reminder’

‘Youth Club Pk’
If you’d like to do further reading then start with. This particular website is an excellent resource for Dawah to Non Muslims.
Then for advanced study :
After studying these websites. Study the videos, books & articles from :

For advice and Dawah to the Muslim youth. Especially in the subcontinent & beyond:
The above is just the beginning on a long & arduous journey for a student who is serious about Islam & Dawah.

I hope it is great of benefit for everyone.
JazakAllah khayr

Walykum us salaam warahmatullah

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