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WOC 2019 day 4. Crazy day!

It was a crazy day. You expect bumps & bruises, but this got a little crazy.

Gayle Billingsley

WOC 2019 day 4 was an extremely eventful day!

It began with a near one hour wait at the gates of Karachi University. For some reason our entry was delayed. The highlight of this episode was when Br Zia jumped into our car & began circling around the dusty car park, just for the hell of it! Lol. That’s how we roll! So random but understood!

Whilst Br Zia spoke about the purpose of life in the auditorium at KU, the rest of us set up the stall with various leaflets on it in the corridors of the university. It’s been a while since I engaged in campus da’wah in Pakistan & I was excited to get stuck in. From experience I knew that as soon as we put up the table with various flyers including ‘Lovestruck’, DVD’s including ‘Youth talk’ that the students would curiosity come to the table. Today was no different because as soon as set up, groups is students were curiously drawn to the table,this is when we strike up a Conversation! 2/3 Bros from YCK also became involved with all sorts of positive discussions. A very productive few hours of calling to Allah SWT, his Oneness and that he deserves full praise and worship. The students appreciated our fun but thought provoking style of interaction.

After another testing incident in which the car I was in couldn’t start! Me and Br Abdulhafeez and Shahroze Made our way to kahyaban e shamsher on the other side of Karachi. This was the YC dawah training workshop for sisters at a very unique house which had its own mini ‘auditorium’ Masha’Allah!

In this workshop, I focussed on motivation for da’wah, discussing the concept of God and how to deal with teenagers and youth who are not interested in Islam or religion.

The participants included university students, mothers and businesswomen. There was also a sister who was a Hindu revert and now a Quran teacher Masha’Allah. Apparently she took her shahadah with the famous Dr Zakir Naik before moving to Karachi! Subhan’Allah.

The sisters agreed that they will be engaged in dawah regularly in whatever form and I feel this is a positive step for Karachi Insha’Allah!

The other half of the WOC team held the event ‘Age of fitnah’ a very famous YC workshop since 2014 at some other private residence.

Yes there was exhaustion when we all headed back to the YC office, but this exhaustion had an undertone of a certain accomplishment. Tiredness and hard work is a part of the dawah, even though it is nothing compared to what our pious illustrious predecessors did for this Noble way of life!

May Allah SWT accept!

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