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WOC2019 Day 7 & 8. Unseen event!

WOC 2019 day 7 & 8!

Da’wah Training & the Unseen event!

Da’wah training and YC get together

So this day wasn’t full of various events at Institutes and homes as we’ve seen in the previous few days but there were a couple activities in the afternoon / evening.

Da’wah Training.

A few sisters requested a follow up session to the previous da’wah training held in the midweek. This session focussed around motivation for da’wah and the all important intiation. Initiation is key because one could argue that without a good way to start a conversation, your whole da’wah conversation may not be as productive as it could be. In other words effective ways of starting a conversation. Alhumdulillah, this went very well and I pray that the attendees put this into practise.

YC volunteer get together

In the evening all the volunteers of youth Club karachi converged onto the YC centre for delicious mutton biryani and kheer! Other than the delicacies, there was a small reminder on ikhlaas and general networking and last minute planning for tomorrow’s keynote WOC karachi leg event ‘The Unseen’.

You can watch the FB live preview for this event here:

Onto Sunday … and Day 8!

Unseen event at Marriotts Hotel

What a magnificent event indeed! What struck me was the discipline of the volunteers, the professional set up,The atmosphere and brotherhood. I felt at peace here sitting listening to the well prepared lectures by Bros Ishaq, Tuaha, Mugheerah and Zia. Insha’Allah Youth Club Karachi YouTube will publish this in a few weeks, so do watch this when it comes out!

At the stall, where we had our merchandise & da’wah flyers I engaged in a few key conversations including:

a bro who needed tips on how to start a dawah conversation with his Hindu friend. This friend actually had a few deaths in the family & this affected him deeply. What we discussed was to try the comparing approach. Ask him what the hindu beliefs are about what happens to humans after death. Then ask his own opinion. After listening attentively, then speak about the Islamic rendition of death and the souls journey.. and ask him which one he feels is more profound / in-depth. He will try this and give me an update.

I also spoke to a brother who prefers the refutation style of da’wah instead of inviting. To refute liberals/ atheists and in turn always feel angry. We discussed the possibility of being compassionate in the dawah and invite instead of always attacking!

So these were some of the many conversations I had & again that privilege of being given the opportunity to engage in da’wah conversations is so overwhelming at times! Truly I am grateful to my Lord who is blessing me with opportunities!

This was the last day of the Karachi leg of WOC2019. Tomorrow morning we fly back to Islamabad Insha’Allah.

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